Having bred purebred Shorthorns for some years in Culverden we were introduced to the breed by Bruce McKenzie of Maungahina Stud, Masterton in 2008 we tried some semen over our shorthorn based commercial cows and were extremely impressed with the progeny.

Their vigorous survival instinct as a calf , impressive carcase attributes which are evident at a very early age and distinctive colourations made them a very appealing animal. Being in a major dairying area we found the Speckle Park calves a great cross over dairy cows with their distinctive colour marking and vigorous nature . After using semen for 2 years and seeing the resulting progeny we started our own stud and have continued to use Speckle Parks over our commercial cows and purchasing our own genetics back from dairy farmers as bobby calves to grow on. 

We have supplied semen into both the dairy and beef industries for the past 7 years. The demand for Speckle Park semen in the dairy industry has increased 50% this last season and they are now the second highest selling beef semen behind Hereford. Our aim is to breed proven, functional cattle suitable for the commercial conditions in New Zealand.